Production Responsibilities and Registration Fees

With Every New Production…

Parents of YPT Company Members have their own role to play around each production.
It takes a village to put on a show and there are many advantages to getting involved.
Parents say:

“As a newcomer to YPT, I wanted to say how incredibly
welcoming, encouraging and vibrant everyone involved was
and is, and thank you for such a wonderful first experience.  :)”

“Well, I must say I’ve enjoyed working with you and the rest
of the parents on this show!  It feels so good to be not only needed
but also trusted to take on responsibility and appreciated afterward.
I’m grateful for the opportunity to be involved in a great organization
and to get to know the two of you better!”

“It is great to be involved where my child is also involved…
I get the chance to see what she is doing and who her new
friends are.”

“It’s really fun!”

We recognize that not everyone has the time to give and designed packages to accommodate varying levels of participation.

As Parent of a Cast Member, you have four opportunities to choose between:

Basic Package #1
Responsibilities Include:  1 Production Team and 3 Production Jobs
Registration Fees: $350

Package #2
Responsibilities Include: 3 Production Jobs/No Production Team
Registration Fees: $600

Package #3
Responsibilities Include:  1 Production Team/No Production Jobs
Registration Fees: $450

Package #4
Buy Out of Both Production Team and Production Jobs
Registration Fees: $700

As the Parent of a Tech Team Member, your basic registration package includes:

Tech Team Registration Package
Responsibilities Include: 3 Production Jobs

Registration Fees: $350.00

Production Teams work on the production as teams through the entire rehearsal process. They include the following which are all described in detail on this website:

  • Scenery, Sets and Props
  • Costumes
  • Hair and Make Up
  • Hospitality

Production Jobs are singular defined tasks that contribute to staging a production. These may occur throughout the entire rehearsal process as well as during the final two weeks of the run. You choose what you sign up for on Sign Up Genius. They include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • Rehearsal Captain
  • Usher
  • Security
  • Production Assistant
  • Tech Table Assistant/Bagel Pick-up and Delivery

We look forward to working with you as we create magic with young people!