Snew White


Two-Week Production Camp

By Charlie Lovett

Directed by Lucas Rubin and Alaina Whidby

Snew White, the loveliest maiden in Wychwood, wants nothing more than to find her real family, but alas, the evil queen has other plans.  When Snew hides out with an odd assortment of dwarves (Snippy, Sloppy, Spiffy, Twitchy, Nosey, Sticky, and Brad the Surfer Dwarf), hilarity ensues.  While the evil queen’s new magic mirror convinces her to go into therapy with Sigmund Freud, the Governor of Wychwood and his lackies (Dean and Deluca) deal with the politics of having an evil queen in the kingdom.

Meanwhile, Snew White sneaks into the queen’s boudoir to have her own little chat with the magic mirror.  Will Snew White find her family?  Will the evil queen find true love, the only way — according to both the mirror and Dr. Freud — to achieve inner beauty?  And will Brad the Surfer Dwarf hang ten on the righteous waves of the Wychwood shore?  Find out “what’s Snew” in this delightful short play that will have audiences and actors of all ages chuckling!

Campers will learn the basics of theater, acting and movement through daily sessions and rehearsals.  Their fabulous performance will stream to you live as well as arrive as a DVD in your mailbox!

Camp Dates:
July 26 – August 6, 2021
9:00am to Noon

Ages:  2nd – 5th
Maximum:  18 Campers
$500 per camper

A Fractured Fairytale!