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We have launched a special online fundraising campaign to compensate for lost revenue due to the pandemic and keep the doors of YPT open for many years to come. Please consider making your tax-deductible gift today!

Our stages are empty...

$117,000 donated of $166,000 Goal

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Our Everlasting Gratitude

Exclusive YPT Video Montage

Vintage Piece of YPT Memorabilia of Your Choice from a Show

VIP Pre-Show Gala before the next YPT Opening Night

Name on Recognition Plaque in YPT Black Box Theater Lobby

All of our wonderful donors will be mentioned in our next season’s playbills. Gifts of $1,500 or more will be permanently  listed on a plaque in our Black Box Theater lobby.

In January, 2020, every corner of Young People’s Theater’s space was full of life and light.

Young people were singing and learning blocking in the Rehearsal Hall, mastering new choreography in the Dance Studio, learning about set design, theater lighting and sound in the Scene Shop, and developing long lasting friendships. An army of dedicated volunteers was working behind the scenes in our office space and Costume Shop to help create the magic of our next production. Parents were connecting with one another in the lobby of our Black Box Theater while our young people were busy discovering a love of the arts that would last a lifetime.

Only a few short weeks later, those lights went dark and the halls of YPT fell silent.

As we all took the mandated precautions to protect ourselves and one another from the coronavirus pandemic, we at YPT paused our preparations for a spring production of Matilda and redesigned our summer programs. Although we were able to provide enriching summer theater experiences while adhering to coronavirus safety best practices, our summer revenue was significantly less than past years because we could not offer in-person programs.

Until the coronavirus pandemic is under control, we cannot safely bring young people together to create theater in person, and this means we cannot generate the revenue needed to cover our operating expenses.

Please help us reach our goal of raising $166,000.

The money will be used to ensure that YPT survives the coronavirus pandemic and is able to maintain the creative space where our community and young people come together in person. We need your help now to ensure that YPT will be around long after the pandemic is under control.

Through careful financial planning and conservative fiscal management, YPT had set aside funds to cover expenses for over a year in case of emergency. We have relied on those emergency funds since March, but our savings will be depleted as of June 30, 2021.

Our Wonderful Tech Crew!

As the pandemic stretches on, we continue to innovate ways to keep our commitment to the arts alive in a rapidly changing world. Unfortunately, while we are busy re-imagining theater in this “new normal,” the revenue stream we depend on to cover our operating costs has disappeared. Before the pandemic limited our operations, YPT was producing three main stage musical theater productions each year with casts of up to 120 young people each and offering extensive summer arts programs. These shows and summer programs have historically been YPT’s main source of revenue.

As the pandemic continues into an uncertain future, it is clear now that our savings will not be enough to carry YPT through this crisis.

Our Space


Our Community

YPT’s facility includes a Dance Studio, a Rehearsal Hall, office space, storage for props and equipment, a fully equipped Scene Shop, a full service kitchen, a Costume Shop with space to store thousands of costumes, and a state of the art Black Box Theater with professional lighting and sound systems.

Many of our young people say that this creative space is their “happy place” and that it feels like a second home.

Without your help, we risk losing this space forever.

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Our Goal

Although some of YPT’s operating expenses have gone down during this period of limited programming, the expenses associated with maintaining its creative space remain the same.

Our immediate goal is to raise $166,000 to cover one full year of base operating expenses.

The money raised will be used to pay YPT’s monthly operating expenses and to ensure that YPT and the space that so many of our young people call their “happy place” will be here when the coronavirus pandemic is finally under control.

Be part of Young People’s Theater’s future…

We invite you to help keep YPT’s doors open beyond June 30, 2021 and to make this exciting next chapter for YPT a reality!

Young People’s Theater is one of the anchor institutions in the arts for young people in Ann Arbor and the surrounding area. Founded over 40 years ago, it has introduced thousands of young people to a lifetime love of theater, dance, singing, visual art and design through its focused, professional and holistic approach to live musical theater.

Please make your tax-deductible donation today!

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YPT is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. 

Our stars were shining bright in our last show before coronavirus… Let’s put these smiling faces back on the YPT stage!