Individual Giving

YPT Star Makers get to walk around everyday with the smile of satisfaction which comes from being a part of a community which makes a real difference in the lives of local young people. We are committed to providing professional quality theater experiences for Southeast Michigan.

At YPT, young people have a place to belong, to be productive, to express themselves, to learn responsibility and focus.

YPT gives young people a social circle beyond their schools and neighborhoods with other young people dedicated to pursuing dreams and hard work!

YPT give young people a place to belong where they are cherished for their uniqueness…. Each and every one of them!

YPT transforms the lives of young people and their families through a commitment to inspiring tolerance, compassion, fun and inclusiveness.

Join our galaxy of Star Makers!

Super Nova  Gifts of $500-$1,000,000

Shooting Star  Gifts of $100-$499

Rising Star  Gifts of $25-$99

Twinkling Star  Gifts of $1-$24