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YPT StarMakers

YPT StarMakers get to walk around everyday with the smile of satisfaction which comes from being a part of a community which makes a real difference in the lives of local young people.

Thanks to All Our Wonderful YPT StarMakers
Supporting YPT Dreams Over the 2008-2014 Seasons…

Super Nova     $500 +

Ronald P. Baumanis
Julie and Don Blazevski
Dawn and Michael Casella
Keri Bruggink and Stuart Chalin
Katherine and Damien Farrell
Rachel and Gary Glick
Alan Gregory and Annette Walker
Jane and Ben Griffith
Innerspace Design, Inc.
Katherine’s Catering
Susan and Stevo Julius
Bonnie and Jim Keen
Brenda and Rob Kerr
Carrie and Eric Letke
Jessica Litman and Jon Weinberg
Jill and Nicholas McMullen
Kelli and Ted McMullen
Tom and Debby McMullen
Tracy and Jamie Mistry
Yazdi Mistry
Sally and Tim Petersen
Cecelia and Gui Ponce de Leon
John and Nancy Prince
Mary Ramirez
Ane and Jim Richter
Julie Stone and Richard Rupp
Marie and Tim Slottow
Betsy Slusser and Robert Overhiser
Sue and Rick Snyder
Doris and Lawrence Sperling
Linda “Ski” Szyniszewski
Andrew Taylor
Ron and Eileen Weiser

Shooting Star $100-499

Lisa and Chris Allie
Nell Duke and David Ammer
MariAnn and Dale Apley
Martha and Robert Ause
Robin and Brad Axelrod
Stephanie Chardoul and Bill Axinn
Lynn Ballbach
Janet and David Barbour
Janice and Robert Brimacombe
Kathy and John Charpie
Patty Benson and Brian Chodoroff
Kim and Hal Chrisman
Kim and Robert DeMattia
Michelle and Joe DesJardin
Ellen and Robert Dobrusin
Sheila and John Durbin
Anita and Jon English
T. F. Franke
Alec Gallimore and Reates Curry
Miriam and Jonathan Hamermesh
Zora and Darnell Hargrave
Merrily and William Hart
Kelly O’Connor and Susan Johnson
Denise and Perry Kantner
Leela and David Kausch
Mary and Jim Keen
Janet Kelmigian
David Kiley and Amy Sundback
Rachel and Ben Klayman
Jessica and Michael Krivan
Kafi and Rashaan Laramore-Josey
Jing Liu and Jun Li
Carolyn and Brad McFarlane
Joseph Medrano
Amy and Andrew Merrick
Bonnie and Bob Miller
Elise and John Nanos
Dennis O’Neill and Renee Lajiness-O’Neill
Adriana Phelan
Jamie and Jamie Phillips
Maida Portnoy
Jamie and David Renken
Colleen Shevnock and Marc Rubin
Denise Thal and David Scobey
Ingrid and Clifford Sheldon
Marjorie and Donald Shelton
Michael Stoianowski
Mary Alice Stocking
The Strassburg Family
Diane and Mike Syer
Kelly Ann and Art Szyniszewski
Shannon, Beth and Rich Terrel
Ileane and Bruce Thal
The Throm Family
Anne VandenBelt
Susan Collins and Don Vereen
Jane and Mark Vogel

Rising Star $25-99

Carol Aiken
Kay Alzuhn
Lela Ash
Leah and Les Axelrod
Yolanda Ball
Peyton Bland
Judith Borel
Emily Bowen
Sakura and Kevin Collins
Richard Cooper and Tam Perry
Rane Curl
Gail and Bill Dauer
Patricia Dobbs
Balit and Barry Dunietz
Beatrice and John Ellis
Linda Etter
Brian Forester and Louise Tamres
Terri and Tim Fenelon
Iris and Frederick Gruhl
Lisa and Gary Hammer
Gloria Helfand
Martha and James Hilboldt
Hannah Hotchkiss and Daniel Seely
Reema and Joseph Jarjoura
N. Johal
Caroline Keen
Leah and Paul Kilney
Beth Sullivan and Tom Lehker
Lewis Jewelers
David Lewis
David Lowenschuss and Kristen McGuire
Pauline and Lawrence Lumeng
Tara and Daniel Mahoney
Annette and Phil Manuell
Joy and Thomas Meadows
Sharon and Charles Mein
Bernice and Herman Merte
David Nacht and Alytia Levendosky
Erika and Robert Newman
Annette and John Reyes
Dan Roberts
Peggy Roberts
Patrick Rodgers
Gary Rochman
Blake Roessler and Lyou-fu Ma
Dr. J.C. Rosenberg
Anne and Dick Rouce
Virginia and Lauren Sargent
Victoria Shieck
Lucienne and Manak Sood
Rebecca Spangler
Douglas and Lori Sten
Sandra and Doug Stewart
Tricia and Russell Strassburg
Cheryl and Tim Theis
Deane W. Tierney
Lewis W. Towler
Diane Wentland
Robin and Christine Wood
Hillary and Chris Wooley
Zakhour and Androulla Youssef

Twinkling Star $1-24

Tamara and Robert Ause
Mark Bernstein and Rachel Bendit
Gail Whitt and Adam Bota
Colleen and Robb Burroughs
Jonathan and Miriam Hamermesh
Amira and Itzik Henig
Sarbjit Kalirai
Martha Laramore-Josey
Joy and Thomas Meadows
Stephen Raymond
Alexa Richter
Richard Schroeder
Caroline and Ashley Sobczak