How YOU can support YPT

Make a financial contribution 

YPT is a non-profit, 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization

Every donation is fully tax-deductible and gifts made will reduce your tax liability

  • Donate while shopping at Amazon through Amazon’s Smile Program
  • Donate through your United Way contribution
  • Spotlight your special person on our website
  • Donate your no-longer-needed treasures or in-kind donations
  • Give a lasting legacy through a planned gift of bequest

Promote our shows and classes in your community

We love earning our revenue.  If you enjoy our shows and classes, please tell your friends so that their young people will also benefit from theater “by kids and for kids”.

Help us fill the house!!


 Our volunteers make it possible for young people to have experiences that last a lifetime. We welcome you to become part of our team creating memories to last your lifetime.

We enjoy:

  • Freaks for Fun
  • Clever Carpenters
  • Obsessive Organizers
  • Compulsive Cleaners
  • Stealthy Shoppers
  • Persistent Paper Pushers
  • Magic-Making Mavens
  • Creative Costumers
  • Picassoesque Painters
  • Tried and True Thespians
  • Savvy Salesfolk
  • Humerous Humans
  • Lords of Technology
  • Cravers of Community