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Young People’s Theater depends on you…

Our ticket sales cover a fraction of the cost of our outstanding educational programs and professionally produced plays and musicals. As with all non-profits focused on the arts and young people, we rely on the continued support of individual donors.

YPT survives and thrives because of StarMakers – like you! We think lofty goals are within our reach, but we need StarMakers who share our passion and efforts to support local kids who are all stars at YPT.

Are you a StarMaker with a passion to make young people’s dreams come true?

Why give?

Your support will enable YPT to:

  • Provide performing arts programs to 800-1,000 young people this year.
  • Inspire countless young people through their performances and daily acts of kindness to pursue their dreams in theater arts and life!
  • Create a unique, multi-age environment place for kids to grow and mature, work together as a team, mentor each other and form life-long friendships.
  • Award financial scholarships every year for youth in need.
  • Give 800-1,000 young people a chance to shine, whether on a stage, behind a curtain, in a camp or in a theatre arts class.
  • Give countless audience members the opportunity to be inspired by their work.