Matilda – YPT Tech Team Program

Directed by Jenn Monk-Reising

This Theatrical Design & Production Program is your opportunity to get hands-on experience in all aspects of stagecraft and production, including props, costumes, hair and make up, set, lighting, and sound design. You will help design MATILDA THE MUSICAL  for performance during Young People’s Theater 2021-2022 Season. 

Tech Team Members are involved in every aspect of stagecraft, from costuming and make up, to lighting, sound, props and set design and construction. 

 Learn what a theatrical artist is, the designer’s function in the theatre, elements of design, and key design principles that serve as the foundation to design in all areas of every production. We will work in a socially-distanced collective studio. Through exciting hands-on projects, we will explore understanding color, various design approaches and how to understand the space you are working in. The final project will be the presentation of the production of MATILDA THE MUSICAL where you can showcase your hard work and creativity with friends, family and audience members.

This program is designed to offer an in-depth look into the world of costume design. You will work closely with our designers on the entire process of design, from concept through renderings to the techniques required to bring costume pieces to life. This hands-on program will help you gain practical skills through each phase of the design process. Our Costume Shop hosts more than 40,000 costume pieces. 

You will learn to create a sharable vision with moodboards, sketches  and create a full costume for MATILDA characters from head (Hair & Make-up) to toe (Costume).  Learn the basics of how to sew, and select and put together costumes and learn how to plan for costume changes and preparations backstage. Build some costumes from scratch, so we always have new and exciting things going on in the costume arena. See it all come together on stage!

Scenic Creation & Fabrication – IF YOU CAN DREAM IT, WE CAN BUILD IT!

Our Scene Shop builds complete sets for every show we do. We even have a very large storage facility just for set pieces we want to keep and re-use. Learn to explore a script, create a sharable vision with moodboards and build a 3-D set model as well as help build and construct large and varied pieces of scenery. Learn the basics of painting backdrops, rigging curtains and how to help move the scenery around between scenes during performances. Again, showcase your hard work and creativity on the MATILDA stage!

Applying to the MATILDA Theatrical Design and Production Program – Tech Team