Exploring Production Jobs

Production Jobs

Production jobs vary from show to show and as needs are defined.  They have included such jobs as the following:

Rehearsal Captain
Stage Door Security
Production Support Backstage/Monitor/Assistant
Tech Table Assistant/Host
Bagel Pick-up and Delivery
Curbside Service for Company Drop-Off
Front-of-House Representative
Tweener Meal Host – Saturday, Between Performances
Company Party Host/Assistant

Each cast member’s parents will be stepping into jobs during production — 3 jobs per cast member, unless selecting Registration Option 3 or Option 4 at Registration, buying out of the Production Jobs.

Company parents sign up for these jobs from the comfort and convenience of your computer through Sign Up Genius prior to tickets going on sale for the performances.

Production Job Descriptions

Rehearsal Captain
Job Description:
Arrive 10 minutes ahead of Company Call Time.
Serve as the welcoming face of YPT to all Company members and staff coming in through the front door!
Assist with check in and check out, maintaining security at our door!
Enjoy the cast and crew as they come and go…

Tech Table Host
Job Description:
Arrive 15 minutes ahead of Company Call Time.
Be the most popular people on the set each day!
Set up/artistically arrange food table:
Slicing fruit and bagels.
Monitor and replenish the table!
Enjoy the fun and maintain some order in the T2 Room!
Refill & store everything in bins at the end of the evening.
Clean up!
This “table” serves all cast, crew and family members working.
It is the happiest place in the theatre!

Bagel Pick-up and Delivery
Job Description:
Arrive 15 minutes ahead of Company Call Time.
Pick up bagels each day from the store donating them!
Deliver to the theater to the Tech Table Team! 

Stage Door Security
Job Description:
Arrive 15 minutes prior to Company Call.
Monitor Stage Door to maintain security and ensure safety.
Assist Cast Members, Parents, Production Team and Director.
The “face” of YPT to all!

Production Support Team Behind the Scenes
Job Description (Potentially Includes):
Arrive with Company Call Time.
Assist the cast members and production crew.
Check In/Out Cast and Crew.
Assist with Micing and DeMicing (Microphones on and off the cast!)
Monitor the backstage, wings and hallway areas,
including Green Room Door and Theater/Pit Door:
Ensure quiet, safety and security backstage.
Maintain order in the dressing rooms.
Assist with additional responsibilities as defined by Producer.;
Errands and all things needed backstage to make it all happen!
Needed: At least one male to assist with Boys’ Dressing Room.

Curbside Service for Company Drop-off
Job Description:
Arrive 15 minutes prior to Cast Call.
Greet the cast at curbside allowing parents to drop and drive!
Check cast in and ensure that they all get safely in the “Stage Door.”

Front of the House Representative
Job Description:
Arrive 1 hour before Curtain.
Create welcoming atmosphere at the Front of the House/Lobby.
Serve as Liaison between Producer/Back of the House and House Manager, Box Office and Ushers
Assist Patrons with Disabilities Needing Access to Backstage Restroom.
Maintain Backstage Security at the Green Room Door.
Ticket Needed to Attend Performance

Job Description:
Arrive 1 hour before Curtain.
Organize and Stuff Programs if needed.
Theatre Entrances: Ushers collect, tear and count tickets.
Internal Theatre Doors Main Lobby and Balcony:
Distribute programs and assist with traffic flow.
Assist theatre guests to their seats.
UM House Manager will remain at the rear to assist all late arrivals. Ushers assist if needed.
Collect recycled Programs after the show.
Walk through theatre to pick up trash after show.
Prepare programs for the following night.
One Sign-Up Per Cast Member until Everyone has an Opportunity to Sign Up
Ticket Needed to Attend Performance

Company Party Assistant/Host
Job Description:
Assist the Hospitality Team members with the set-up, hosting and clean-up the night of the cast party.
Sign up for a shift for an hour…  sign up for two shifts!
Serve food and beverages.
Assist with handing out Paper Plate Awards to the cast and crew!
Help with the details of hosting a party!
Have fun celebrating the production with the cast, crew and cast families!

Thank YOU to everyone in these jobs supporting the creation Broadway in Ann Arbor with YPT!!!