Joining Production Teams

These teams work together throughout the entire rehearsal process to accomplish the magic of creating a production on stage with young people.  Plan for a time commitment of 25-30 hours over the run of the rehearsals and the show.

Costume, Hair and Make Up Teams

These jobs bring you right into the action with the cast creating the look of the show with costume, hair, head pieces, and make up! The vision comes from the directors and the budget from the producer(s).  These teams create/borrow/rent the costumes and head pieces that attire the entire cast for performances. Specializations helpful on these teams: Frugal and creative shoppers, online and local; those who can create amazing things and looks in a “crafty” way; and, of course, those who can whip them up sewing.  Additionally, a flair with hair and a love of creating a look with make up helps on this team!

During the run of the show in the theater, team members work backstage getting the cast into costumes, hair and make up and then keeping the costumes, hair and make up stage-ready. They also help with quick-changes during the performances.  We are linking these teams who work closely together as the total look of each character involves the creation of costumes, hair, head pieces and make up.  Team members will experience the opportunity of creating a total look for each character on stage.

Scenery, Set and Props Team

The Set and Props Teams are also being linked to flow the design aspects of the show creating a look on stage that catches the vision of the director and the production team.  The Scenery, Set and Props Team finds/designs/creates builds the set and props for the show after meeting with the director, designer and producer(s) to “catch the vision” and the budget. Love building and creating or detective work finding something that you will see on stage — this team is for you!

Work begins immediately on a schedule set by the team as the cast may need time to work with various aspects of the set or prop pieces. The goal is to have the everything ready to go for move-in to the theatre on the first day of Tech Week.

Hospitality Team

The Hospitality Team is the celebration team creating a social fabric for the cast and crew.  The team has coordinated events ranging from an Emagine Theater YPT Movie Night to a romp in a corn maze!  This team celebrates our cast creating features for dressing room doors in the theater and our actual paper plate awards for the Cast Party.  In addition, the Team hosts the breakfast for the cast and crew at the last rehearsal in the YPT Studio, assists with the Tech Table in the theater, hosts with the Tweener Meal between shows on performance-day Saturday, and the Company Party for everyone (cast and families) to follow the last show! If you love pulling together a celebration or party with decorations and food and all the trimmings, this is the job for you!