YPT Secret Garden Conflict Request Form

Being in a production is a big commitment.   The general practice in the business is that accepting a role in a production takes priority over anything new that you might choose to schedule.

We know that some conflicts do come up without much notice and accept that this is the reality of working with talented young people.  Please note, however, that listing a conflict does not mean that you won’t be called for rehearsal. Rehearsals go forward and might include material that involves your character/role.  We are on a tight timeline, and we need to keep moving forward every day.

If some of your conflicts are flexible, be at rehearsal as much as you can.  We are continually casting elements of the show based on who is present for rehearsal.  Additionally, if you miss several rehearsals, you run the risk of not being included in certain numbers.  Examine your schedules and try to be here as much as you can.

If you do find yourself with an unavoidable conflict, please submit the Conflict Request Form below.

Thank you.

Please Note: We are asking everyone to clear all conflicts for all required rehearsals (listed on Production Calendar) and Tech Week with no exceptions.