How It Works

Creating a show onstage involves multitudes of people and vast monetary resources. It costs between $25,000 and $50,000 to stage a fabulous production!

Building a magical experience on stage involves funding the following:

  • Performance Rights and Royalties
  • A Venue with a Stage for our Stars
  • Scripts and Scores
  • Amazing Team Members to direct, accompany, manage, teach…
  • Many Musicians
  • Fabulous Costumes
  • Realistic Props
  • Sets to create the scenes in…
  • A Rehearsal Venue
  • Sound and Lighting Equipment
  • Audiovisual Experts
  • Insurance and Good Fortune
  • Supporters and an Audience
  • A Box Office to sell tickets…
  • Men on the Move to transport everything to and from the theater!
  • Nourishment along the way…

YPT has built a model for supporting fabulous stage productions around:

  • Studio Fees
  • Playbill Ad Sales
  • Donations
  • Ticket Sales
  • Parent and Community Volunteers