2020 Camp Raise Your Voice – Finding Your Place in the Musical World

6th through 8th Grades and 9th through 12th Grade (Two Sessions)

Raise Your Voice
Finding Your Place in the Musical World







In this week-long virtual camp, we will learn all about theater and how the singing voice fits into that. Starting with the basics, we’ll discover the roots of musical theater and the shows the built the genre, then we will move towards the types of songs that come together to make up a show, and we will learn the different types of voices required to cast the company of a musical. We will be encouraged to think about what style and type of voice we all have, and uncover which of those each of us feel the most comfortable with, and which ones we can drive ourselves to explore.  Together as a group, we will work together to choose brand new music that we can use to wow a crowd in any performance space, and feel confident that it is a song that feels like it was written just for us, perfectly suited to each of our voices and personalities.  This camp is perfect for anyone, at any level of experience- from the theater newcomer to the seasoned veteran, the only requirements are a desire to dig into what makes your voice unique to you and the hunger for more confidence and knowledge about performing in the theater!  Each person will receive a recorded piano track for their personal song, to keep and use for your own use.

Session I
Camp Dates:   
June 22-26, 2020 Virtual
9th – 12th Grades
Camp Times: 
Camp Size:  
20 Campers
  Kayleigh Jardine
 $200 per camper


Session II
Camp Dates:   
August 3-7, 2020 Virtual
Ages:  6th – 8th Grades
Camp Times:   1:00-4:00pm
Camp Size:  20 Campers
Instructor:   Kayleigh Jardine
Tuition:   $200 per camper