2020 Camp Broadway Bound – Advanced Vocal Master Class

9th through 12th Grades


Broadway Bound – Advanced Vocal Master Class


Designed for the older vocalist who is serious about performing in a musical theater capacity, this masterclass series will encourage and assist singers in the exploration of strengthening their vocal techniques, bringing a character to life through music, and realizing what you are capable of bringing to a performance or audition as an artist, all within the context of a single song. Singing actors will choose a solo song to prepare before the camp begins, will perform for each other throughout the week, similar to an in-person vocal masterclass. Throughout the week, we will learn to how give and take critiques in a constructive and uplifting manner, how to apply techniques and tools learned to all of their repertoire, and how to define our “brand” as an artist- knowing who we are, and how to make our personalities shine on stage and in auditions. We will learn how to select music that is perfectly suited for us as an individual, and will receive both group and individual instruction in front of each other, so that no one misses an opportunity to learn and improve. At the end of the week, we will perform our songs for each other and each singer will receive a recorded piano track to perform with and will later receive an audition video of their song, to use and post however they would like!


Camp Dates:   July 6-10, 2020 Virtual
Camp Times:   9:00-10:00am
Camp Size:    8 Campers
Instructor:    Kaleigh Jardine
Tuition:    $200 per camper