Spamalot Playbill Ads

Your Registration Fee includes one half-page Playbill ad for each cast member!

Design your own (5″ width x 4″ height) or use one of our templates (coming soon)!

Deadline ads:  Friday, October 13, 2017

Basic Instructions:

1. If you design your own, email it in JPG (preferred) or PDF format to

2. If you’d like to use a template, email with this info:

a) Name your template choice (Templates coming soon!)

b) Specify ad size (Your registration fee entitles you to one 1/2 page ad or two 1/4 page ads per cast member)

c) Attach a photo of your cast member (optional)

d) Specify what text to include (e.g., Congrats Anna! Love Mom and Dad).

Full Details:

Here’s the scoop on Playbill ads…  Your chance to be creative!!!

You may elect to:
1. Place a Personal Ad for Your Cast Member or a Personal Ad for Yourself or….
2. Sell your ad space to a Business (Click here for ad contract)

Ad Fees/Costs:
 You each paid $60 in ad fees per cast member in your studio fees which entitles you to a half page ad or two quarter page ads… A quarter page ad sells for $30, half page for $60 and a full page for $120.

Placing a Personal Ad for Your Cast Member(s):
  • You may choose to place a personal ad or ads for your cast member(s).
  • Or place an ad for your business or a friend’s business…
  • There are playbills from past productions in a basket in the lobby if you wish to see more examples.
Doing an ad can be as simple as giving us the text for your message and choosing which template you want to use. You can send a designed ad if you wish… or a business card or two…

Designing Your Own Ad:
  • You may design your own ad and submit your camera-ready artwork.
  • Format: A .jpg is the preferred format for a designed ad.
  • Sizing: Remember that your artwork will need to fit the sizes defined in the attached Playbill Ad Contract. Anything coming in which does not fit the contract dimensions will not be able to be run as all sizing happens at the creation of an ad.
  • All ads run in black and white.
Using YPT’s Ad Templates (Coming Soon!):
  • Or you may decide that you want to let us put an ad together for you.
  • Dana Beasley, our Graphics Artist and Program Coordinator, is creating ad templates (coming soon!).
  • Our Ad Templates are pre-designed to make this service possible!
  • The Ad Template choices are both attached and shown here
  • You simply pick one and email us your choice of template, size of ad you would like with the message your would like in the ad (you may include a picture if you like).  Remember to include your cast member’s name in your message!
  • Simple as pie!